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NamePerfect Slices
PublisherPerfect Slices
Latest Version1.2.7
Size39.19 MB
MOD Features:1.2.7


Perfect Slices is probably one of the most interesting game mod you can use whether you use Android or iOS. What are its specialties? See details about it in this article

Simple and interesting is what is most commented on this mod game. All you need to do is use a knife and slash from vegetables to gold and earn lots of rewards for yourself. This game mod is available on mobile devices running the operating system from Android to iOS and can be played in online and offline mode.

The scenario 

When you click on the game icon on the screen, it will start with a knife right in your hand and a lot of vegetables on the carousel. To win the game, you have to cut vegetables with a knife as much as possible and earn high points. This is actually a very simple game with levels that can be easily solved by an adult. However, this is not a boring apk. Because of its eye-catching interface as well as vivid sound, you can use it as an entertainment tool after a long day of hard work that you do not need to use strategy.

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However, you should note that avoid losing your knife if you do not want to face many obstacles and have to restart the level. Also, if you want to unlock rewards after each level and unlock different vegetables, you have to find the chef. Another plus point of this game is that it will start from where you ended the previous time so don’t worry about having to save it before taking your eyes off the screen.

Graphic and sounds

When talking about graphics and sound, this game shows very well its advantages. In other words, Perfect Slice is the perfect game for those who love vivid apk mod with beautiful graphics. Another advantage of this game is that you will earn a lot of rewards without having to do anything, this helps you feel very comfortable and effective. Alternatively, you can randomly unlock a different type of knife, which is used more effectively. Or if you want this process to happen faster, you can use your coins. Owning a collection of knives and survival will make you a lot of achievements.

You may feel bothered by advertisements while playing games. However, on the positive side, you can get a lot of rewards as well as doubling the amount. These benefits help you unlock good knives.

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With the exception of advertising, you can be assured that you are playing one of the games that can help you relieve stress most effectively. Moreover, for those who have kids, you can sometimes let them play this game. As the information mentioned above, this is a simple game and you can let your child identify different fruits and fruits. However, do not expose your child to the phone screen for too long. Surely you know a lot of the harmful effects of it.

Regarding the sound of the game, you will feel very comfortable every time you slash an item. With lovely and varied background music, you will not be bored when choosing this game as your entertainment tool.


In simple words, if you do not feel bothered by advertising, you will feel happy using this application. It is rated as an interesting option to release stress while helping to calm your mind a lot. And do you know what time it is best to use? Maybe it’s when you’re stuck in traffic or waiting for something not too long. Moreover, you will be addicted to this game if advertising is not the problem.

However, you should keep in mind that nothing is free. So do not put heavy advertising to bother you, but enjoy the game in the most comfortable way. What could be better than a game where you can even close your eyes to win a prize? Overall if you don’t want to take on more challenges and stress, this is a perfect game for you. You can find it simply on Google Play Store and iOS App Store.

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Notes: Please select a link to download Perfect Slices for free. You can choose the MOD (1.2.7) version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.


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