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Matchington Mansion for Android operating system is a mobile game that being released for free on CH Play. The game takes you to the house with cute furniture and our task is to rearrange them.

Things you need to know about Match 3 games

Match 3 is a very popular game line at the moment. Since Bejeweled, it has evolved into other games like iWin’s Jewel Quest, Angry Bids Fight! by Rovio, King’s Candy Crush game series.

There is no denying that with the growing Mobile market, casual games like Bejeweled are more and more popular. We will encounter millions of people playing Candy Crush or Puzzle and Dragon games. With this such success, it is clear that Match-3 is a game that you cannot miss, a market that you should not ignore.

Match 3 games
Match 3 games

Candy crush is a famous Match-3 game. Source:

Matchington Mansion is a Match-3 game. Match-3 is one of the most successful series of games. There are many famous Match-3 game such as Bejeweled (produced by Popcap in 2001), Jewel Quest, Candy Crush

About Matchington Mansion

Players will start arranging the mansion with cleaning the yard and go to each room through each game level. You will, in turn, unlock locations through difficult puzzle levels with the arrangement of items that appear on the screen in the way match 3 game that is very familiar. This requires deduction and use of your brain.

At each level of play, we will have a certain number of moves and 1 score according to the norm. You must move objects of the same shape into rows or columns so that there are at least 3 things in a row or a column. However, to achieve high scores, players must find ways to create combos – things that help players get higher scores. In addition, you can even track neighbors and check their room design choices

Players will start arranging the mansion with cleaning the yard and go to each room through each game level. Source:

The fact of the matter is that to increase the attractiveness for players, the items appearing on the screen are very familiar items in the family. You will use the items that you collect to decorate the home (such as tea sets, vases, towels, flowers, ornamental plants, etc). The higher the level, the more useful items you have to collect and decorate your house.

Depending on the number of points you gain, you will get the number of stars corresponding to that score. Maximum is that you will get 3 stars – the reward for outstanding gamers.

Match 3 games
Match 3 games

The screen of Matchington Mansion will change continuously during the game. The shape of the mansion will gradually appear making you feel more curious about it. The game has simple gameplay, but to achieve high results and completely conquer it is certainly not easy. Because later the game will be more difficult but the number of trips is kept, so use the auxiliary tools to complete the screen well.

The shape of the mansion will gradually appear making you feel more curious about it. Source:

In addition to normal items, the game Matchington Mansion will have items with double stripes, if you collect these items, it will make all the items on that line and column disappear. It will bring you a very high score for you. Therefore, when the double striped item appears, try to find ways to take advantage of them; surely this task will not be too difficult for you. Look for ways to take advantage of it if you want get a high score.

All in all. It is true to say that Matchington Mansion is an adventure filled fun game! Are you a fan of Matchington Mansion? Let download the Matchington Mansion game to start exploring this wonderful mansion.

5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)
5/5 (1 Review)


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