Summary about Light a Way 2.3.3 MOD APK
NameLight a Way 2.3.3 MOD APK
PublisherAppxplore (iCandy)
Latest Version2.3.3
MOD Features:Unlimited Money


Is a simple adventure game genre Clicker, Light a Way will give players the relaxation and relieve stress after work hours.

Darkness has enveloped the sun and from within it, emerge the dark beings with a sole purpose to consume all beings of Light. It is now up to you, the Guardian. Gifted with the magical Staff of Flare, you must set on a path to restore the Light back to the world and rid the darkness that has tainted the very lands that you step on.

Bring the Light back to the world as you channel the powers of Light. Tap to radiate flare onto your enemies, empower yourself with magical artifacts, and befriend cute glowing Lumis as you battle the forces of the abyss and restore Light to the world.

Description Light a Way

Light a Way 
Download Free Light a Way 2.3.3 MOD APK – Unlimited Money

The mobile game a simple touchscreen button always attract all objects gameplay gamers thanks to the easy to play and very addictive it. Accordingly, you can play quickly and at anywhere anytime, this is very suitable for those who often busy only about the very little time and can not go into a title game requires experience as well as the complexity required.

Because of this Light a Way was developed and launched by the company Appxplore Sdn Bhd on 2 platforms iOS and Android. Is a simple adventure game genre Clicker, Light a Way will give players the relaxation and relieve stress after work hours.

Traditionally Light a Way 

Light a Way 

Background of Light a Way was built in a fairytale world with countless lovely creature design looks fun and extremely cute. And players will play a guardian of the forest and your mission is to destroy these monsters intend to harm the peace of the forest. In other words, your task in the game is pushing back the darkness and bring light back to the planet.

Guild Light a Way

Most activities in the game are operated automatically and the player does not need too much manipulation that can still fully enjoy the game’s key features. However, you must defeat the enemy with spells and collecting dust so that we leave, then use the star dust to upgrade fairy characters and three companions on the journey with adventures.
Gameplay, Light a Way will take players into the adventure “one touch” extremely interesting, your character will have to fight with countless ferocious creatures. The system displays in the game is extremely rich. At each level, you will have to fight with monsters and 1 9 bosses in a limited time to use spells. The game offers 6 talisman unique that you can unlock while upgrading their character

Graphics Light a Way

Graphics Light a Way is designed in the style of 2D quite lovely and colorful, to go along with that the melodious background music create a feeling of relaxation, comfort to the players. Currently the game is being released for free on both app store Google Play and App Store.


















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Download Light a Way 2.3.3 MOD APK

Light a Way 2.3.3 MOD APK

Light a Way 2.3.1 MOD APK





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