Instruction APPLICATION SOFTWARE FOR ANDROID DIRECT BY FILE APK most interesting thing of a smartphone that is how we can install a lot of applications from the third party, thereby personalizing the handset as well as making life easier. For new users to use the Android operating system, many people will find it difficult to install the software as well as fret because errors may encounter in the course of implementation. Do not worry, this article will help you. 

As well as on a PC or MacOS, we can install the application by the installation file. On Android, the format of the installation files is * .apk. Want to do it this way, you first need to have an APK file. You can copy this file to the memory card as instructions. 

How to copy files to the memory card * .apk for Android

Android operating system using the installation file that ends in the form of * .apk 
example Yahoo.apk, Opera Mini.apk 

You can find and download the .apk file on google, then copy the .apk file to the memory card phone. 
To copy the application to the memory card, you plug the computer cable to the phone, on the toolbar, drag from top to bottom, will open the “USB connected” You click on it and click next to “Removable Storage USB “, wait 1 time will appear on the drive containing the memory card to your computer to copy the files to.

To copy data, photos, games or music files, video to a memory card, you connect the cable from the computer to power on the phone thoai.Luc shaped USB cable connected notifications. You drag the toolbar on the phone down, click on the “USB connected”, click next to “Turn on USB storage” and press OK to agree. At this point, your computer will have more of the phone SD card drive, you can copy the files to the memory card easily

To be able to run the APK file, you first need to access the Menu > Settings > Applications, select the Unknown sources box. Besides, to browse the APK file, you will need a file manager such as Astro, OI File Manager, … All applications that are available for free on the market.

To start the installation, you use the file manager to find the APK file archive to it and run it up. If asked, choose Open App Manager to install. The Browse File option only for you to see inside the APK file that has nothing.



In the next screen, you press the button Install. You can read the access profile that the application will perform during the operation. Reading the request this access helps you a lot in the case of malicious applications, using machines to steal information or send a message, call do you cost. If agree, you press the button Install again to install. Wait a minute is the application appears on your computer.

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