Hole.io Apk mod (v1.6.1) + All Skin Unlocked The mod version is full of special skills, please read the article below to experience it!

Hole.io Arcade Mod Apk how to play

Enter the area and face other holes in a fierce battle.
Eat everything in sight with your black hole and expand it to eat more! Show them which is the biggest hole in the city!

Hole.io Apk mod

Local school facility
Want to compete directly with your friends? Follow these four simple tasks:
– Step 1: Open the “Local Multiplayer” menu on the right and create a room
– Step 2: Add your friends *
– step 3: ???
– Step 4: Enjoy the fight!

* Bluetooth Required They should be close enough to play.

Play Hole.io Arcade Mod Apk

Hole.io takes players to an open city, which means you can go anyplace you need in this city. This is additionally the field of the game, where you play straightforwardly with different players. In the first place, you will be chosen a dark hole with the shading you like and afterward you will be coordinated in a match with six players. The “eating” war authoritatively starts. Each match keeps going just 2 minutes, so you need to rapidly discover what you can eat and attempt to expand the size of the hole so you can eat more.

Hole.io Apk mod

The ongoing interaction is straightforward, you simply keep your finger on the screen and control the dark hole to go anyplace, it will pursue your fingers. At whatever point a dark hole goes through an option that is littler than its size, it naturally falls into the hole, and you score focuses. In the primary stage, you can just eat a couple of little things, for example, traffic lights, waste, trees, or people on foot. Eating to an ever increasing extent, the pit will become greater, and you can eat a transport or an elevated structure. Consummation two minutes, the player has the most elevated score will be the champion.

Amazing New Features of Hore.io Modified Apk

In Hole.io, your work is to eat the whole world. This is the first time that publisher Voodoo has produced virtual arcade game. Earlier, he was very successful with physics-based games such as helix jump or flying arrow. Black Holes is a panacea for everything in the universe, it can swallow everything in it, even a planet. Nobody knows where things go when falling in the black hole, because no one can get back

What Saying User’s About Hole.io Arcade Game

1st User-:   I love this game!! It’s addictive! The issues I’ve had with it have been fixed! Thanks for adding a new map. I look forward to the addition of more maps in the future, hopefully. Also, maybe add a way to keep up with your rank, ex. every 200 pts it says “Rank Up!” I keep ranking up but I can’t tell if I’m rank 25 or rank 205. Anyway, I LOVE this game. Thanks to the developers 👍💕

2nd User-:  I can’t say I’ve been this hooked on a game for years. Even though it basically only has the two map layouts it keeps me amused for hours (to the detriment of housework etc.) I even find myself humming the chase scene music from Benny Hill as I happily mop up the city. Oh, and as for people morning there are “too many ads”, that’s easy to fix, pay some money to the developers who put their time and effort into this.

3nd User-:  I love this game. it’s a great time waster and it’s fun, however I think there is something wrong with it because even tho I know I’ve reached max size more than 3 times in classic and solo I can’t unlock the skin for it. it would be nice to unlock that so I can get my last 2 skins needed. I’ve had to redownload the game about 4 times between getting new phones and my phone resetting but it’s a constant problem, I’ve never been able to unlock the reach max size skin. I hope this can be fixed!

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