What is APK ? If you have been using a device running Android, would have come a time when we hear the last name “APK” somewhere on the forums, or in the pages of technology and Inquiries right?
Especially in these days when Pokemon was restricted GO installed, then the share of the APK file to install the machine pretty much. If unknown APK is, let’s learn offline!

APK So what was it?

APK stands for the English phrase “Android application package” (roughly translated as the installed applications on the Android operating system). APK file is a compressed file format, similar to the code, based on the JAR format, and use the extension * .apk.

Like when you want to install something on Windows software, we have to download the file that ends in “.exe” to proceed to install software on the Android machine, too, it also has the install file with the tail finally “.apk“.

File APK

More specifically, when you click on the Play Store, select Facebook and click “Install”, the Google Play Store automatically download a file with the name “Facebook.apk” such and conducted manually install this file should you rarely see the appearance of it.

But if you download files from sources outside of Google Play Store, then we’ll see the tail “.apk” appears abound there.

Finalize the APK mod file is a file that contains the necessary contents of an application installed on the smartphone or going to your Android tablet only,

Why do you need to make and install the APK file?

If you like to dabble bar, want to try the latest version from the developer app that you like or do not want to download the app from the “market” Play Store, this is the reason for your search to pages network to download the APK file to install on your smartphone.

File APK

Apart from the above reasons, the desired experience the app, the game is limited in a region, country or something we need to download the APK file from an external source.

Or some applications can not be installed from the Play Store comes from the source and will not update itself to a newer version, for example, are also common reasons for you to look for the APK file.

If you like to install games, applications using the APK file, you need to do?

Simply put, you first open the Settings (Settings), select Security (Security) and click on the “Unknown sources” or “Disturbed Sources” for your smartphone that allows you to install the APK file you download from other sites, not from the Play Store.

Because Google’s security mechanisms, it is imperative you have to do the above steps before we download the APK file from the website about. From now on, your favorite apps on the Play Store without, just find their APK file and download, then click and install it.

You can also download the APK file on your laptop or PC and connect the smartphone / tablet with a laptop / computer to copy the APK file on the machine-like music files or images jog





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