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What is VSCO and how to use it? Why should you use VSCO MOD? Read this article to have more information

For those who have been using social media such as Facebook or Instagram, VSCO must be a common name. It is a photo editing and sharing app that allows users to edit and add filters to photos before sharing them. In this article, we will learn more about VSCO APK.

About VSCO

As you already know, VSCO is a popular photo app. It was developed by Visual Supply Company in 2012. Users can create an account, take photos and use the filters to edit and save their photos or share them on their network. Users can either post photos to VSCO’s own network which is called VSCO Discover, or use the app to edit then post them somewhere else. VSCO Discover is similar to Instagram but it has a more minimalist design. It allows users to upload photos, follow other users, and repost photos from other accounts. The app has been one of the top downloads in the App Store and Google Play.

VSCO is available in App Store and Google Play/ PH: Pinterest

Unlike most social media platforms, VSCO does not have some common features such as like or comment. It also doesn’t allow users to see who is following them. Using VSCO, users can step away from the culture of counting likes and followers, which make them feel less stressful. Additionally, compared to other photo-sharing apps, VSCO has a more “artistic” feel and more “serious” editing features. That is the reason why many users use the app to make their photos more artistic or to practice their photography skills.

However, VSCO doesn’t have private setting, which means anyone can see the photos that users share. Also, it has a default setting that shares the location, so if users don’t turn off the feature, their location will be public too.

Some of VSCO APK features


This section is similar to other photo-sharing apps. To see posts from other users that they follow, or favorite and repost them, users just need to scroll. If you want to know details about the post, just click on it. Not only can you read the caption, but you also know which preset filter was used.


The Studio feature offers a repository for both unedited and edited content which was uploaded or taken with the VSCO camera. The Studio is completely private until users publish a post. So if you are not happy with an edited photo, you can leave it in your Studio and edit it again before posting it.


The VSCO Discover page is a network where users use curated collections to showcase their creation in order to drive interaction on the platform. The app still utilizes the hashtag linking mechanic, but this feature makes it more impressive. It is suitable for the type of person who can spend hours looking at the phone.


Users can use an in-app camera to take photos/ PH:

The VSCO’s in-app camera allows users to take photos and videos. Similar to an actual camera, VSCO’s camera allows users to to shoot in raw mode for higher quality pictures, as well as change the white balance and ISO.


To use a preset, you need to tap on it. While classic mobile presets are colored presets and do not emulate analog film, Film X presets have strength, character, and warmth sliders, which can emulate actual analog films from Ilford, Agfa, Kodak, Fuji… Also, the character slider imitates film that is under or overexposed while warmth imitates the temperature balance control, which can be used to warm or cool a film photograph on a film scanner. After you are done with your adjustment, tap on the “Check” icon.


A profile is where you can post your photos and videos, or repost content from other users in your Feed. You can use it as a board to display whatever you’re doing on VSCO. VSCO profiles are public but you can’t see who are following you. Additionally, you can not like or comment on a post, like you can with other photo-sharing apps.

While you can use some features and filters from VSCO for free, you need to pay for advanced photo editing tools, video coloring and bonus content… With VSCO APK MOD, you will have all advanced features unlocked, which means you will have more options without having to pay a penny. VSCO MOD offers users fully experience with this creative platform.

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Notes: Please select a link to download VSCO MOD APK for free. You can choose the MOD (VSCO_v138) version or the original APK. Please read Installation Guide if you haven't done this before.


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